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Learn how to care for your skin from the comfort of your own home with a virutal skin care service.  Learn about the best products for your unique skin or how to enhance what you're already doing with a Beauty Ritual.

At Aura Skin + Soul Care we focus on an ‘inside out’ approach, building your skin up instead of breaking it down as a long term solution to create your most healthy, vibrant skin.

Virtual Services can be done over FaceTime, Skype or Zoom, whichever platform works for you.  Once you have made your booking, I will reach out to you and confirm our platform, and payment will be made via etransfer.  For Beauty Ritual bookings, please allow 3 days to recieve your tools.


45 minutes  $45

You want to learn how to care for your skin but you are not sure where to begin or what your skin needs?  This virtual session includes a thorough consultation into how you're currently caring for your skin, including medical, health + lifestyle, all which lead to the health of your skin.  

You will receive a personalized skin care plan via email outlining my suggestions, product samples and 10% off your first product  purchase.


60 minutes $140

Sweep away stagnation + strain beneath the surface layers of your skin and welcome in the glow!

Stagnant lymph + muscle tension create blockages beneath our skin which show up as congestion, puffiness, dullness, dark cirlces and fine lines.  The Flow + Glow Ritual is a boost to your at-home skincare routine because it helps release these blockages to allow more flow in our skins natural detox system and create more space for nutrient rich blood flow + oxygen to circulate more freely.  

This virtual session includes the facial dry brush + jade roller.  You'll also need your current skincare regimen. I will teach you how to use the tools best for your unique skin condition.  Following the session you will receive a recorded video to use for your practice.

Awaken your skin by encouraging lymphatic flow.

When our lymphatic system is bogged down with toxic waste it becomes stagnant.  This shows up on the surface as congestion, puffiness, dullness, redness, fine lines + breakouts.  Dry brushing lends a helping hand to move this stagnant lymph for more vibrant, healthy skin.

This virtual session includes the facial dry brush.  I will teach you how to use the brush and you will receive a recorded video following to use for practice.


 30 minutes $80


  30 minutes - $70

Lift + Contour your complexion with Jade Rolling.  By releasing tension in the muscles of our face, we allow nutrient-rich bloodflow + fresh oxygen to circulate freely, releasing the tension we hold in our face and creating more softness to fine lines + wrinkles and more lift and contour to your overall complexion.

This virtual session includes the purchase of jade roller.  You will also need your regular skincare products.  I will teach you how to jade roll in this virtual session and you will also receive a recorded video for practice.

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