Calm, de-puff + brighten.


Fight back against puffy eyes and dark cirlces with cooling cucumber + soothing aloe.  A touch of lightening extracts and peptides brighten + hydrate the eye area, making this a spa-like experience for your eyes.


Skin Benefits


Aloe: Known as the "plant of immortality", it soothes, heals + hydrates skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties.


Cucumber: Rejuvenates, firm + soothes the skin with essential nutrients while banishing puffiness.


Eyeliss Peptide: increases lymphatic circulation, while decreasing inflammation to improve firmness + elasticity for that bright-eyed look.


Haloxyl: Dark circles + local inflammation are banished, reducing under eye cirlces by 19%


A great choice for those who are prone to milia around the eye area or if you suffer from allergies.


Size: 0.5 FL OZ

Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel

  • Massage a pea-size amount on the orbital bone, around the eye area.