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Fortify the face with Frankincense Best Skin Ever to nourish your body from tresses to toes. Frankincense is an eternal offering of crystalline-clarity from the sap of the Frankincense tree. It is an ancient, sacred gift to bless the skin, the body, and the mind. Liquid pearls distilled from the tree of life, Frankincense Oil is a cleansing agent for acne that also soothes redness. The particular compounds in Frankincense Essential Oil are especially suited to softening the appearance of scars and skin tone, nourishing dry skin, and calming skin imperfections.

Best Skin Ever - Frankincense

  • There are several ways to use this product: 

    If using as a pre-cleanse:  Apply 4-5 squirts of oil in the palm of your hand, massage it between your hands. Apply to your face + neck, on dry skin.  Massage in small circular motions.  If more slip is needed, add another squirt of oil or a little water to your fingertips to help with glide. If there are areas of congestion (blackheads), wet a washcloth in **lukewarm water (never hot), wring it to remove most of the water, apply one to two squirts of the oil to a corner the dampened portion of the face cloth +gently massage the area where there is congestion to help remove the impurities.  Repeat as necessary on different areas of your face using different portions of the wachcloth.  When finished, rinse the washcloth again and use the other side of the washcloth to gently rinse/remove the oil from your skin.  *If your skin is sensitive to washcloths, you may use cotton pads instead.

    Follow with your second cleanse and the rest of your routine.

    If this is your only cleanser you may follow with your hydrating toner, oil serum + balm if necessary.

  • Jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, seabuckthorn, tamanu oil, frankincense, cape chamomile, yarrow, vetiver, grapefruit, palmarosa

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