This powerful blend of four superior mineral-rich clay gives skin a brighter, smoother texture and healthy glow.  The clay acts as a magnet and deep cleans pores, reducing the appearance of fine lines for lifted, more radiant skin.  This dry formula can be customized to your unique needs, making it the perfect refining mask for all skin types.


Skin Bnefits

This clay has the special ability to act as an antibitotic treamtent when applied topically to the skin.  The clay can help to calm skin infections and speed up healing time of wounds, even when prescription antibiotics were not able to help solve the problem which is why its an ideal clay for all skin types from super-sensitive to acne-prone skins.



Glacial Clay: Sourced from British Columbia, this clay rejuvenates skin and deep cleans, resulting in a brighter complexion.


Bentonite Clay: Highly absorbent, able to attract dirt and toxins on the surface of the skin and within pores to help deeply cleanse and invigorate the skin. 

Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask

  • Cleanse skin first.  In a small bowl, mix 2 teaspoons fo the dry mask with 1-2 tsp of honey and a few drops of water.  Mix into a runny paste.  Apply an even layer of the mask to face, neck and decollete.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes, or until the mask starts to dry.  Gently wipe off with damp cloth.  Apply toner, serum and moisturizer.

    Use 1-2x/week depending on skin condition.

    Do not get water in this product.

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