Wake up to a refreshed complexion!  This Azaleic serum reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Our crown jewel serum!


Best for: aging skin with breakouts, sensitive skin.  Those who are sensitive to vitmain A (retinol)


Skin Benefits:

Azaleic Acid: battle pre-infecting bacteria with a gentle acid while combating hyperpigmentation with reduced melanin production.


AC NET: for acne-prone skin this combination of ingredients reduces oil production + inflammation, controls bacterial growth + inhibits excessive buildup of skin cells on the surface of the skin.


Bakuchiol: similar to retinol but without the chance of peeling.  This plant compound encourages cell turnover, rebuilds the skin and controls oil.


Cucumber: rejuvenates, firms and soothes the skin with essential nutrients while banishing puffiness


Niacinimide: vitamin B3 that reduces inflammation + restores the skins natural barrier to harmful pollutants.

Facial in a Bottle Serum

  • In the evening, after cleansing + toning, dispense pea size amount and apply to face and neck. 

    Begin using every other night for 2 weeks and then increase usage as skin responds.  If bothersome dryness, irritation or peeling occurs, reduce usage or use Main Squeeze Hydrating serum underneath.

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