100% European Organic Jojoba Plant Oil is sourced from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt. It is a cold-pressed, single ingredient, pure, unrefined plant wax, that closely mimics our skin's natural oil.


This oil is packaged in hand blown glass


Comes in 2 sizes:

4.4oz: $74 (comes with glass straw for dispensing oil)

1oz $42 (glass straw extra; $8)

Both sizes are refillable when empty.


Best for: all skin types 

HOBA - MediteraneanJojoba Oil

  • Hoba has many uses:

    • for removing makeup: dampen a cotton round and apply a few drops of Hoba and wipe eyes, face and neck.
    • for cleansing: Hoba works best on damp skin.  Begin by spritzing face with Geran or water. Apply a nickel size amount in your hand and pat onto skin all over.  Massage in circular motions, paying particular attention to areas of congestion (blackheads). Remove with warm washcloth and follow with rest of your regime.
    • for moisturizing: on damp skin press a drop or two into skin
    • for bathing: add a few drops to bath water for extra moisture.