The ultimate in dry skin therapy.  This omega-rich balm relieves even the driest skin, naturally soothing and softening.  Use it daily all over the body to protect against and alleviate chapping, cracking and roughness due to dryness.  It's perfect for hands, feet, elbows and any other areas in need of extra care.


Skin Benefits


Hemp Oil:  Naturally nourishes and moisturizes.  Hemp seed oil is natures most balanced oil, containing the ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  These EFA's infuse the skin with their effective anti-aging benefits and help relieve dry, itchy and cracked skin.


Beeswax:  Provides lasting hydration and protection, repelnishing skin's moisture barrier and protecting skin against dryness without clogging pores.


This balm is great for sensitive, dry skin.  Layer it underneath the Healing Excema Balm on areas of extreme dryness to provide lasting releif.

Hydrating Rescue Balm

  • Use daily as needed.  Warm up a small amount of balm in your palm and massage into your skin.  Applying a thick layer on dry areas overnight, provides an intensive treatment, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

    This balm is thick, use a spatula or press fingers firmly into the balm to get it out.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (infused with Propolis, Calendula Flowers, Comfrey Flowers*), Beeswax*, Hemp Oil, Flax Oil*, Rose Hip OIl*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rosemary Leaf Extract. *Certified Organic