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At Aura Skin we believe self care is the foundation of true beauty. Our facials are designed to improve your skin's health + appearance through the use of non-invasive holistic skin therapies alongside high quality nutirent rich skincare products. We focus on facial massage techniques that relax your nervous system, release stagnation deep within your skins tissues and increase lymphatic flow allowing your skin to receive the nutrients + oxygen it needs to thrive.

Our goal is to help you not only look vibrant + refreshed  but also feel your best both inside and out.


     105 minutes - $175 includes full facial

60 minutes - $135 facial massage only

Experience the ultimate non-invasive facial sculpting with the Lift + Sculpt Facial with Buccal massage, an intra oral massage that works the fascia + muscles from inside your mouth. Known as "the non-invasive facelift", this transformative treatment brings new life back to your skin with a unique facial massage that blends esthetic lymphatic drainage, sculptural, myofascial release and buccal to alleviate facial tension + stagnation, release stress patterns and promote circulation through each layer of your skin and stimulate your body's natural rejuvenating process. Experience the benefits of depuffing, lifting and sculpting, resulting in fresh, glowing skin. Say hello to a more radiant, youthful complexion with this alternative skin treatment.

Results are cumulative.

105 minutes: includes cleansing, Lift + sculpt facial massage, scalp massage, gentle extractions, exfoliation, a treatment mask, hydrating eye mask and a hand + arm massage.

60 minutes: cleansing,  lift + sculpt facial massage


60 minutes - $125  90 minutes - $145

 Restore your skin's vibrant glow with the Gua Sha Facial Fusion. This massage focused facial is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to release deep seeded facial tension + blockages beneath your skin's surface to flush toxins + create space for oxygen rich blood to boost your skin's collagen production. The result is overall better functioning skin, a reduction in inflammation, puffiness, fines lines + wrinkles softened and an overall brighter, toned, radiant + uplifted complexion.

Gua Sha Facial Fusion may include a combination of modalities such as: a heated poultice of organic herbs, Gua Sha, facial reflexology or facial cupping depending on the needs of your skin.

90 minutes: double cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions if needed, facial massage, scalp massage with oil + mask.

60 minutes: double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage


60 minutes - $95

Facial reflexology works beyond the surface of your skin.

Facial Reflexology works on your autonomic nervous system, the system that is responsible for your normal bodily functions such as metabolosm, energy, breathing, digestion, hormones, stress response, emotions, sleep, to name a few. When your autonomic nervous system is working well, it uses the energy that it needs to regulate these functions. When we are stressed (operating in figh/flight mode), these funcitons require more energy than necessary, leaving you without extra energy for 'life', or in our case, the healing/improvement of your skin.

Facial reflexology helps your autonomic nervous system work better by relieving nervous system stress so that your natural bodily functions can work better, resulting in more energy and a brighter, more hydrated, calm, glowy complexion.

This is a fantastic treatment for those with inflammatory skin issues such as acne, aging, rosacea, redness, excema as well as dullness, dryness, puffiness, darck circles 
This treatment truly works on your skin from the inside out and when healing our skin both internally + externally, you will see your skin glow!

Facial Includes: cleansing, reflexology session + mask treatment


Best suited for:

everyone + all skin types

**for best results this treatment is cumulative and best performed in a series 1-2x weekly**

Series of 5 - 40 minute sessions $375 ($75 each session)

A treatment series includes a personalized map to take home for self treatment in between sessions


     60 minutes - $105

Clarify + Balance Facial is the perfect solution for those with congested or acne-prone skin. A thorough deep cleanse and manual lymphatic drainage help to flush cellular waste, while gentle + thorough extractions ensure the purification of your pores. LED light therapy reduces acne causing bacteria whilst a nourishing mask soothes inflammation, restoring harmony to your skin. 

TEEN FACIAL (13-17 years)
45 minutes - $65

This facial addresses the skin needs of your teen including treatment of acne breakouts and clogged pores alongside education on how to properly care for their skin at home.

BOOK - Teen Facial


   90 minutes - $150

Generate 30 days of collagen production with the Osmosis Vitamin A Infusion Facial. This non-acid facial peel increases cell turnover, normalizes oil production, reduces bacteria + redness, lifts pigmentation and softens fine lines by nourishing depleted skin cells in the dermal layer of your skin with a customized vitamin A serum cocktail combined with micro-channeling.  This facial utilizes technology with nano sized spheres to create microchannels in the skin allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients, without causing trauma. Your skin may feel warm followng the treatment.

*Must be using an Osmosis vitamin A serum for 4 weeks prior to receive full benefits of this facial. 

90 minutes: double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, serum infusion with micro-channeling, lifting + firming face, neck + shoulder massage


Best suited for:

aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, scarring.


 105 minutes - $175

 For those that want it all!

Bring out youthful + rejuvenated skin with this facial that combines all of the signature techniques. Beginning with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation + lymphatic drainage massage to cleanse your skin of impurities, followed with a serum infusion that is micro-channeled into your skin to stimulate new collagen growth.  Gua Sha and a facial, neck, shoulder + scalp massage melt accumulated muscle tension, softening fine lines, wrinkles + puffiness. This facial finishes off with a jelly mask to lock in nutrients, leaving your skin nourished + soul uplifted.


   120 minutes - $205

Indulge in this head-to-toe ritual experience focusing on improving skin hydration, releasing facial tension + nervous system stress to bring back your glow!

Your Seasonal Radiance Ritual begins with a full body sugar exfoliation to lift dead cells + boost circulation, while a skin quenching balm applied with light massage deeply hydrates + nourishes your body.  A 90 minute hydrating facial follows, featuring facial reflexology + Gua Sha to relieve nervous system stress, release facial tension, hydrate, brighten + rejuvenate your skin + soul.

Option to add on full body dry brushing to increase lymphatic drainage +$20

Your dry brush goes home with you.


 60 minutes - $105

A facial for your back.  

This purifying + hydrating treatment targets hard-to-reach back acne, clogged pores, itchy + dehydrated skin. A soothing relaxation massage will help release stress + tension from your back, neck and shoulders leaving you feeling refreshed + rejuvenated.

**All prices are subject to tax**

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