Facials at Aura are an experience that combine both Skin + Soul.

Effective non-invasive skin therapies, professional non-toxic skincare + crystal therapy work in harmony to bring your skin to its optimum health.


At Aura Skin + Soul Care we focus on an ‘inside out’ approach, building your skin up instead of breaking it down as a long term solution to create your most healthy, vibrant skin.


60 minutes - $95

This facial is massage-focused. 

Day after day, we build up tension in our face from our daily stresses that create blockages within our tissues.

Acupressure point stimulation, lymphatic drainage, lifting + sculpting facial massage, jade rolling, gua sha + a custom blended mask work in harmony to carry away toxic waste that has accumulated under the skin.  This allows space for fresh oxygen + vital nutrients to circulate freely, nourish + rejuvenate

your skin cells for a healthy glow.  This facial does not include extractions.


Best suited for: all skin types, except acneic

**This is a great facial to give as a gift


60 minutes - $85      90 minutes - $105

A custom tailored facial geared towards your unique skin. Beginning with a thorough cleansing + exfoliation, followed by extraction of impurities, high frequency or LED light therapy, face, shoulder and neck massage + mask to impart a refreshed + nourished complexion. 

Choose 60 minutes if you're short on time, or wish to not have extractions.

90 minutes allows more time for extraction of impurities and includes lymphatic drainage massage.

Best suited for: all skin types


60 minutes - $105     90 minutes - $130


 105 minutes - $150

La creme de la creme! The facial that does it all, combining all of my signature techniques.  Acupressure point stimulation, lymphatic drainage, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, micro-channeling, and a lifting + sculpting face, neck shoulder and scalp massage leave your skin looking its very best!

This facial boosts depleted skin cells + tissues in the deeper layers of your skin. A customized vitamin-A serum combined with micro-channeling stimulates collagen + protein synthesis for 30 days. 

I call this the ‘30-day facial’!


**Results are cumulative and over a series you will notice a softening of lines + wrinkles, scarring and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is recommended as a series of 6, or continued monthly for the

ultimate age rejuvenation.



60 minutes includes cleansing, serum infusion with micro-channeling

 + facial massage


90 minutes includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, serum infusion with micro-channeling, face, shoulder, neck + scalp massage


Best suited for: aging, hyperpigmentation, scarring.

Series of 6: booked 4-6 weeks apart = 6th treatment Complimentary

**All prices are subject to tax**

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