Each facial experience combines both skin + soul care custom tailored to you using effective non-invasive skin treatments, professional skincare + crystal therapy, working in harmony to bring your skin to optimum health.


At Aura Skin + Soul Care we focus on an ‘inside out’ approach as a long term solution to

create your most healthy, vibrant skin.


60 minutes - $85      90 minutes - $105

A facial geared towards deep cleansing, focusing on extraction of impurities, high frequency or LED light therapy, and a soothing mask for a refreshed + nourished complexion. Perfect for your first time facial.


Best suited for: congestion, acneic, teenage skin


60 minutes - $95

A complete skin rejuvenation experience using several massage modalities, therapeutic plant extracts + wild crafted ingredients from across Canada to awaken, purify + improve the overall health of your skin.


Acupressure point stimulation, lymphatic drainage, jade rolling, lifting + sculpting facial massage + a custom blended mask work in harmony to carry away toxic waste that has accumulated under the skin to make room for fresh oxygen + vital nutrients to circulate freely, clarifying your complexion + rejuvenating

your skin cells for a healthy glow.


Best suited for: congestion, inflammation, dullness, sensitivity, puffiness, aging.


60 minutes - $95     90 minutes - $130

60 minutes includes cleansing, serum infusion with non-invasive microneedling,

LED light therapy + face massage


90 minutes includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, serum infusion with non-invasive microneedling, LED light therapy, face, shoulder, neck + scalp massage


This facial takes an inside out approach to boost depleted cells in the deeper layers of your skin with the food they need to thrive. A vitamin-A serum infusion is customized to your unique skins needs and combined with non-invasive microneedling, Revitapen, to maximize absorption of the serum infusion by 600% as well as generate a 30-day collagen production increase! I like to call this the ‘30-day facial’!


**Results are cumulative. This treatment is best when done in a series or continued monthly for the

ultimate age rejuvenation.


Best suited for: aging, hydration, improved skin texture, hyper pigmentation, scarring.

Series of 3: booked 4-6 weeks apart = 3rd treatment 50% ofF

Series of 6: booked 4-6 weeks apart = 6th treatment Complimentary


90 minutes - $150

La creme de la creme! The facial that does it all, combining all of my signature techniques.  Acupressure point stimulation, lymphatic drainage, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, non invasive microneedling, LED light therapy, lifting + sculpting facial massage and a light makeup application to bring your skin looking its very best!

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