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Skin Treatments at Aura Skin are an experience that combine both Skin Care + Soul Care.

Effective non-invasive skin therapies, professional skincare + facial massage work in harmony to bring your skin to its optimum health. At Aura Skin our skin treatments take an ‘inside out’ approach focusing on massage techniques that release fascia + increase lymphatic flow, while calming your nervous system to create the free flow of blood, oxygen + nutrients to repair, rejuvenate + restore vitality within, where the foundation of healthy skin begins.


60 minutes - $125     90 minutes - $145

 Restore your skin's natural glow with this old world facial therapy that combines a unique blend of facial massage modalities to release deep seeded facial tension + boost your skin's collagen production to repattern the way your skin ages.


A heated poultice of organic herbs releases facial tension + blockages under your skin while Gua Sha releases stagnant lymph to increase collagen production + the life force energy that runs throughout your skin + entire body. 

You'll experience a softening of fines lines + wrinkles, reduction in inflamation, dark circles, puffy eyes + an overall brighter, toned, radiant + uplifted complexion.

This facial also includes a scalp massage with oil.

60 minutes: oil cleansing + facial massage

90 minutes: oil cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions if needed, facial massage + mask.

Best suited for:

all skin types and conditions

stress reduction


60 minutes - $95

A holistic facial treatment based on the same principles as foot reflexology but as the name suggests, this treatment is performed on your face.
Facial reflexology is a pressure point massage used to stimulate various systems/organs of our body via our nervous system. By massaging reflex points + zones on the face, this stimulates the energy for the correlating internal imbalance promoting our body to work optimally and heal itself from within. 
This is a fantastic treatment for those with inflammatory skin issues such as acne, rosacea, redness, excema as well as dullness, dryness, puffiness, darck circles and may help alleviate internal imbalances such as 
headaches, digestive issues, allergies, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues + overwhelm 
This treatment truly works on your skin from the inside out and when healing our skin both internally + externally, you will see your skin glow!

This treatment truly works on your skin from the inside out and healing our skin both internally + externally, you will see your skin glow!

60 minutes: cleansing, reflexology session + mask treatment


Best suited for:

everyone + all skin types

**for best results this treatment is culumative and best performed in a series 1-2x weekly**

Series of 5 - 40 minute sessions $375 ($75 each session)

Series of 10 - 40 minutes sessions $700 ($70 each session)

A treatment series includes a personalized map to take home for self treatment in between sessions


60 minutes - $95      90 minutes - $125

A custom tailored facial geared towards your skin. Beginning with a thorough cleansing + extraction of impurities if needed, followed by gentle exfoliation, high frequency or LED light therapy, lymphatic drainage massage + a customized mask to harmonize + rebalance your skin.

60 minutes: if you're short on time; choice of extractions or massage

90 minutes allows more time for extractions (removal of blackheads) + massage.

Best suited for:

all skin types + conditions

Option to add Chemical Peel $40+

TEEN FACIAL (13-17 years)
45 minutes - $65

This facial addresses the skin needs of your teen including treatment of acne breakouts and clogged pores alongside education on how to properly care for their skin at home.

BOOK - Teen Facial


60 minutes - $125    90 minutes - $145

Generate 30 days of collagen production and  boost depleted skin cells in the dermal layer of your skin with a customized vitamin-A serum combined with micro-channeling.  This facial utilizes technology with nano sized spheres to create micro channels in the skin allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients.

*Must be using an Osmosis vitamin A serum for 4 weeks prior to receive full benefits of this facial. 

60 minutes: cleanse, serum infusion with micro-channeling

 + facial mask


90 minutes: double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, serum infusion with micro-channeling, lifting + firming face, neck + shoulder massage


Best suited for:

aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, scarring.


 105 minutes - $175

 For those that want it all!

Bring out youthful + rejuvenated skin with this facial that combines all of the signature techniques. Beginning with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation + lymphatic drainage massage to cleanse your skin of impurities, followed with a serum infusion that is micro-channeled into your skin to stimulate new collagen growth.  Gua Sha and a facial, neck, shoulder + scalp massage melt accumulated muscle tension, softening fine lines, wrinkles + puffiness. This facial finishes off with a jelly mask to lock in nutrients, leaving your skin nourished + soul uplifted.


 60 minutes - $105

 Indulge in this decadent whole body journey that will leave you feeling blissed from head to toe. Your Body Bliss Ritual begins with dry brushing to increase circulation + lymph movement, followed by exfoliation to lift dead skin cells and aid in absorption of a deliciously hydrating duo: an application of Body Balm + Body Nectar with light massage leaving your skin  deeply hydrated + nourished. A face + scalp massage complete this head-to-toe ritual leaving your complexion  hydrated + dewy. Your dry brush comes home with you.
*you may bring your own dry brush and save $10 on your treatment*

 30 minutes - $65


 Your Express Body Bliss Ritual includes an exfoliation to lift dead skin cells and aid in absorption of a deliciously hydrating  Body Balm + Body Nectar leaving your skin deeply hydrated + nourished.

The perfect add-on to any Skin Treatment!

**All prices are subject to tax**

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