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Aura has carefully curated a selection of hero products to bring out your most radiant skin at home.

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Feed your Skin, Treat your Soul

Sorella Apothecary combines the best of both science + nature to balance your skin and build it up instead of breaking it down.  Naturally based products that smell good enough to eat without toxic ingredients, over sensitizers and irritants, fortify the skin's barrier creating a healthy vibrant complexion.

A truly Holistic Approach

Rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, Osmosis targets skin conditions at the source, treating the whole self with internal + external solutions, creating internal balance.  Medically developed, Dr. Johnson has created a Skin Mapping approach to understand  what our skin is communicating, as each facial zone represents an organ + the internal imbalances that reveal themselves on our skin.  

Katari Beauty logo

Katari Beauty: Timeless...Pure...Elemental

Single ingredient, cold-pressed, pure, unrefined 100% EURO organic skincare and handmade accessories sourced from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile, Egypt.

Katari Beauty travels the world to bring you the finest ingredients sourced from small organic farms and artisans who have been practicing their trade since ancient times...our glass is handblown, cork closures sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging.

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The wisdom of plants blended into total body wellness

Living articulates "aliveness" and Libations denotes "a devotional outpouring of liquid."  Living Libations is the outpouring of vital liquid-libations to honor our beauty and health.  Our carefully crafted creations are innovtions of exquisite quality that illuminate, calibrate, and celebrate the life-force energy of people, plants, and the planet.  Every component of a Libation is a bioactive, botanical ingredient.  Our opulent oils, essential oils, infusions and elegant extracts are highly concentrated + formulated with the focus of feeling good with the skin you are in.


Thank you for supporting Aura Skin and Soul Care.  

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