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Longer, fuller + healthy looking lashes + brows.


Repair + revitalize short, fragile, thin, sparse lashes + brows with Revive7 lash + brow serum.  Revive7's formula balances the right amount of synthetic + optimized protein complexes while including soothing, nourishing + moisturizing extracts.  Results with added length + fullness in 21 days.


Revive7 is suitable for you if you're experiencing:

  • brittle, short, fragile and thin eyelashes 
  • overplucked eyebrows
  • misuse from prolonged eyelash extentions + waterproof mascara
  • for anyone wanting to improve their eyelashes


Revive7 is applied once daily along the lash line or eyebrows.


Made in Canada


5.0ml Tube lasts approx 6-9 months

Revive7 Lash + Brow Serum

  • Revive7 is applied 2x daily, in the morning and again at night.  Before applying make sure that your eyelashes and lash line are clean, as to not contaminate the product.

    1. Shake the bottle

    2. Remove the wand + wipe the excess on the inside of the bottleneck 

    3. Apply to lash line (where your eyelashes meet your eyelid) from the outside in

    For maintenance, apply every other day.

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