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                                                     Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare, created by Dr Ben Johnson is truly a results oriented                                                             skincare solution, whose philosophy is rooted in analyzing the skin and body as a whole                                                       to treat skin conditions at their source, restoring beauty and wellness.  


Osmosis is a complete holistic medical skin and wellness solution using clinical ingredients with a unique delivery system and a non inflammatory approach to carry ingredients to the dermis, infusing the skin with nutrition, increasing collagen and elastin production, and repairing DNA damage to encourage healing and overall skin radiance.


Osmosis sources natural and bio-identical ingredients, free of toxic chemicals, SLS, phthalates, paraben...

                                                         Province Apothecary blends the wilds of Canada into nourishing and balancing                                                                       skincare. Our products are made from the highest quality certified organic,

                                                         biodynamic and wildcrafted ingredients from every Canadian province.


                                                         Province Apothecary is a gentle, natural and healing aromatherapy skin care line that benefits even the most sensitive complexions. Province Apothecary believes a unique blend of plant based, synthetic-free ingredients will nourish and balance your skin, giving you a radiant + vibrant complexion. 

                                        Elate Cosmetics’ mission is to care for each other, our communities, and our world. Through                                                    healthy ingredients, sustainable practices, and wellness minded goals, Elate strives to build                                                    confidence through kindness, and allow you to create your own standard of beauty.

                                        Elate values spirit, kindness, wellness, community, and authenticity. I couldn’t agree more.​

Elate cosmetics won't compromise your skin, your lifestyle, or the earth with their beautiful colours, skin loving ingredients, and sustainable packaging.


Vegan | Cruelty Free | Toxin Free | Gluten Free | Made in Canada

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