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Facial Reflexology

Recommeded for: everyone + all skin

  • 1 h
  • $95 +tx
  • 1036 Princess Street

Service Description

Facial reflexology works beyond the surface of your skin. Facial Reflexology works on your autonomic nervous system, the system that is responsible for your normal bodily functions such as metabolosm, energy, breathing, digestion, hormones, stress response, emotions, sleep, to name a few. When your autonomic nervous system is working well, it uses the energy that it needs to regulate these functions. When we are stressed (operating in figh/flight mode), these funcitons require more energy than necessary, leaving you without extra energy for 'life', or in our case, the healing/improvement of your skin. Facial reflexology helps your autonomic nervous system work better by relieving nervous system stress so that your natural bodily functions can work better, resulting in more energy and a brighter, more hydrated, calm, glowy complexion. This is a fantastic treatment for those with inflammatory skin issues such as acne, aging, rosacea, redness, excema as well as dullness, dryness, puffiness, darck circles. This treatment truly works on your skin from the inside out and when healing our skin both internally + externally, you will see your skin glow! Facial includes: cleansing, reflexology session, mask treatment, serum + moisturizer This treatment is cumulative and best performed in a series 1-2x weekly. Series of 5 (40 mins each session): $375 ($75 each session) Series of 10(40 mins each session): $700 ($70 each session) *A treatment series includes a personalized map to take home for self treatment in between sessions.

Contact Details

  • 1036 Princess Street suite 114, Kingston, ON, Canada

    + 613-484-3130

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